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Christmas Caroling Caravan

Sunday, December 18

5-7 pm

Free community event

Christmas parade fun for EVERYONE!

How does the Caroling Caravan work?

5 PM – Decorating! Get those lights/ displays up and running

Meet in Covenant’s parking lot (8555 Creekside Green Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77389) to decorate your car, receive instructions, and get in caravan order.

Everybody votes… Trophy awarded for best vehicle display!

At 6 PM the Caroling Light Parade starts

Tune your radio to the Covenant Christmas station, crank down your windows, and sing your heart out! Together we’ll form a caroling car parade through the community to bless our neighbors. 

You’ll remain with your family/group in your own vehicle.

Can’t participate? Watch the Caroling Caravan from your porch or driveway

6:05p – Rockwell Park

6:15p – Liberty Square Park

6:25p – Canyon Wren

6:35p – Pinto Point

6:45p – Beach Springs

Do I need to know how to sing?

NO!! No experience/musical talent is necessary. You just sing along with your Christmas favorites that we will play from our playlist.

Where does the parade go?

We vary the route a bit each year to spread the joy. This year we will hit Rockwell Park, Liberty Square Park, Canyon Wren, Pinto Point, and Beach Springs.

Do I need to know my way around Creekside?

No. Since we caravan, you’ll follow the leader through the route. We begin and end at Covenant.

Can I invite friends to participate?

YES!! All are welcome. From the littlest ones to seniors—it’s easy to participate. Each group stays together in their own vehicle. No walking is required. (We’ve even had some pets join the fun.) Plus it’s totally easy for additional vehicles to join the parade. Folks from the community jumped in line with us last year. The more the merrier!

If your friends don’t want to be in the parade but live along the route, invite them to go outside and watch us come by. We had so much fun last year interacting with folks along the route.

Do I have to sign up ahead of time?

While walk-ups are welcome, registering helps the staff to organize the event.

Let us know to expect you.

RSVP while not required, helps our staff adequately plan for caroling. Help us out by letting us know to expect you. Got friends that didn’t sign up? No worries, walk-ups are always welcome!




832.868.4575 (español)

8555 Creekside Green Drive,
The Woodlands, Texas 77389

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832.868.4575 (español)


8555 Creekside Green Drive,
The Woodlands, Texas 77389

the connects life center

Take your next step at covenantconnects.life our connection hub and one-stop shop for life at Covenant.