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Summer Mission Trip
As youth navigate the social pressures of the teen years they benefit from mentoring relationships that come from an intergenerational church family. Teens have questions. Having relationships in which they feel comfortable seeking answers is huge.

At Covenant Methodist, we foster positive relationships between all generations, encouraging our youth to forge strong connections with each other, their schools and community, and most importantly with God.

Find your mountaintop experience.

Find your mountaintop experience.

Youth in Worship

Recent trends indicate that many teens give up on church when they reach adulthood. Often, these are kids who’ve grown up with “kids church” and attended youth experiences, but when they become adults, they suddenly see church as irrelevant to their lives. What is going wrong? How can we keep young people plugged into church life? We think it comes down to encouraging multi-generational relationships.

You won’t find a separate youth worship experience at Covenant. This may be different than other churches that you’ve attended, but Covenant holds intergenerational worship as a core value. Youth are an important part of our church family and we feel it’s paramount for them to worship with, and get to know, people of all ages. We want our youth to be involved and to recognize the value of worship and authentic relationships in their lives.

We hope that by understanding what it means to be part of a church family, our youth will be more likely to cultivate healthy relationships and to continue their faith journey into adulthood.

Summit Youth Group

Wednesday evenings

7th-12th grade

Our Youth Director, Payton Ruddock, and a team of vetted adult volunteers lead our junior high and high school students each week. Hour-and-a-half weekly sessions include games, large group teaching and smaller age-group based discussion. In addition to weekly youth group, Payton schedules many fun activities and events throughout the year.


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Text SUMMIT to (832) 219-1778 or sign up below.

High School Bible Study

Sunday evenings

9th-12th grade

High Schoolers meet on Sunday nights for deeper Bible Study and conversation. During this time, they can come together as a smaller and more focused group to dive deep into understanding what God is telling us through His word. All questions welcome.


To sign up

Text SUMMITHS to (832) 219-1778 or sign up below.

Base Camp

Sunday evenings

6th Grade

Confirmation is a school-year-long journey of studying, praying, and discerning as youth prepare to commit to Christ and join the church. Students will explore scripture, creeds, prayers, and the sacraments of our faith. The year culminates in a weekend retreat where youth discover what it means to live in Christian community.

Confirmation is for current 6th graders or older youth who wish to become members of the church.

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We’re in this together

Being a teen in today’s world is tough. Parenting a teen in today’s world can be overwhelming.

We’re happy to discuss with you any special concerns you have regarding your Jr. high or high school youth. We’re eager to support you as you and your child navigate this unique life stage.

Meet our Youth Director

Payton Ruddock grew up in Marshalltown, IA and moved to Texas to attend Texas A&M University and study Biomedical Engineering. Following college, Payton married Samantha and together they have two sons. When he isn’t chasing the boys around, he’s working as a professional photographer and exploring his love and passion for the Lord.

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