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Weddings at Covenant

Your wedding should be beautiful—a day to be remembered and cherished. It should be meaningful, as you take your vows in front of those who know you best.

At Covenant, you’ll have the opportunity to hold your ceremony in a sacred setting, within your community, and in a space that feels “right” filled with your family and friends. Your ceremony will be performed by a pastor who takes the time to really know you and celebrate the love between you and your partner. After all, shouldn’t your wedding reflect your unique relationship?

The grand craftsman-style doors part and you enter the sanctuary flanked by your loved ones on both sides. You process down the center aisle as your eyes meet those of your beloved. It's your day, your time to proclaim your love in front of God and these witnesses. Something profound happens here.

The Sanctuary

up to 300 guests

Covenant’s sanctuary isn’t too big, and it isn’t too small. You’ll find it’s just right to comfortably seat your guests while making the room feel full. (Who wants to get married in what feels like an empty room?)  It’s a sacred, spirit-filled space and one that is worthy of this momentous occasion in your lives.

Our sanctuary comes with full audio/visual/lighting capability (tech must be present).

You are free to decorate as you wish to personalize the space for your special day. We’re flexible so if you have an idea for something unique run it by us. You will have the opportunity to participate in the Sacrament of Holy Communion and a symbol of unity. We’re committed to making your ceremony personal for you.

Onsite Receptions

If you’d like the convenience of having your reception hosted at Covenant, you can opt to add a reception package. Following the ceremony your guests can mingle in The Commons for hors d’oeuvres as the Sanctuary is reset with banquet seating. The Commons includes a caterer kitchen coffee bar with large serving area.
The reception package provides an additional 3 hours for your event.

When is my wedding considered "booked"?

Your request will become a confirmed booking when

  1. You’ve completed the Wedding Reservation Interest Form by clicking the book button.
  2. Covenant has verified and conformed that there are no conflicts for your wedding date.
  3. You pay your wedding deposit.

When do I need to make payments?

Weddings must be booked 3 months prior to the wedding date. All fees must be paid in full to Covenant no later than two weeks before the wedding.

Are there any requirements to hold my wedding at Covenant?

In order to for Covenant to host your wedding, you must

  1. Complete the 3 required pre-marital sessions with a Covenant (or Covenant approved) pastor.

Can I bring in outside officiants?

Weddings at Covenant will be presided over by a pastor of Covenant, but may also include other religious leaders of your choosing.

Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsals will be scheduled the day before the wedding and will last approximately an hour.

Music and Media

Music must be suitable for a worship service. The Senior Pastor has the final approval for all music used in the service. The use of audio and/or video equipment requires the use of a Covenant Audio, Video, Lighting (AVL) Technician.


Photography during the ceremony may not include flash photography. The Senior Pastor has the final approval for all planned photography during the service.

Decorations and Flowers

Bows, flowers, or other decorations may be temporarily secured with devices that will not scratch or leave a residue, including but not limited to plastic clips, piper cleaners, or rubber bands.  The use of tape or wire is prohibited.  All decorations must removed after the wedding.

What can we use to send-off the bride and groom?

Bubbles, birdseed, or sparklers may be used but only beyond the porch entrance to the building.  Confetti, rice, or balloon launches are prohibited.

What if I'm bringing in a caterer?

Covenant will provide the wedding party with instructions for any outside services contracted for the reception.

Any catering service(s) contracted by the wedding party must be self-sufficient with regards to table, chairs, refrigeration, and service ware for the reception.  The damage deposit submitted by the wedding party covers all aspect of the facility use including any catering service(s) contracted by the wedding party.  

Pre-marital Counseling

While your wedding day should be amazing, we think your marriage should be pretty amazing too. We’re committed to giving you and your partner the tools to establish the foundation for a healthy marital relationship from day one.

As part of your Wedding contract, you will be required to meet with our pastor for three pre-marital sessions. Together, we’ll get real about what a strong marriage really takes and make sure that you are prepared to weather whatever the future holds. In addition, this is an opportunity for our pastor to get to know you so that your wedding ceremony can reflect the uniqueness and beauty of your relationship.

Session 1: Your story

How did you meet? What brought you together? What do you love about each other? What drives you crazy? You have a unique story to tell, and we want to know and understand your experience together.

Session 2: Critical elements in the life of your marriage

What do you envision your married life will look like? How will you work through disagreements and outside pressures? What critical elements have you considered? Which have you may not? This is a deep dive into the areas of finances, family, household responsibilities, outside friendships, faith practices, and how to continue to grow and develop as a couple.


Session 3: The Vows

What are you really promising when you declare your vows? In this session we’ll look at the promises one by one and develop a solid understanding of the covenant of marriage.

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Returned checks/Insufficient funds payments will result in an additional $30 charge. Renting party is responsible for any damages that occur as a result of their event. Covenant will not be liable for any accidents, injury, or loss of personal property during the event.

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